Phase 04 | Plan Launch

The Boroughs of Braddock, East Pittsburgh, and North Braddock (BEN Triboro) were engaged in a 2-year process to create a multi-municipal Comprehensive Plan that will guide decision-making for the next 10-years. Now adopted by all three Councils, this Joint Comprehensive Plan focuses on revitalization and reinvestment in the Boroughs’ business districts and neighborhoods.


Take a Look

The Final Plan was submitted to— and approved by!—all three BEN communities' Council Members. Follow the linked image to view the report.

Thank you to everyone who submitted comments!

Comments and petitions are now closed. We appreciate your support in the journey from ideas to action.

-The Public Comment Period is now Closed-

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If you are unable or prefer not to view the report online, there are physical copies available at each municipal building, and can be requested from the borough.

Fourth Public Meeting (May 2021 Council Meeting)
Following the 45-Day Comment Period, each respective Municipal Representative will formally submit the plan to their respective Councils for approval. If there are substantial revisions to the Plan during this meeting, an additional meeting will be held before approving the plan.

Council Approval
Congratulations to all three BEN communities and Councils for adopting the BEN 2030 FUTURES plan into law! Now begins the work of implementing the ideas and visions into reality.