Planning Process

How did we create the plan?

Re-envisioning our future, so we can shape the physical environment and the lives of the people that live within.

The BEN comprehensive plan was a two-year process to understand the existing conditions and future aspirations of Braddock, East Pittsburgh, and North Braddock—the BEN communities.

Municipalities in the state of Pennsylvania have the opportunity to imagine their future by updating their comprehensive plan. A comprehensive plan is a document that benchmarks current conditions, identifies future aspirations, and sets goals and strategies for local government and its partners.

MAR 2019 - OCT 2019

A set of shared issues and values for the future and identification of how each Municipality can leverage each other’s assets

OCT 2019 - MAR 2020

The development principles, policies, and performance metrics that enable the change we would like to see

MAR 2020 - JAN 2021

Projects in the community that are implementable and help us meet our performance targets

JAN 2021 - MAY 2021

A framework for action that comprehensively and succinctly reflects the communities' vision

Community Conversations

This three-part planning process is the community’s opportunity to shape municipal priorities for the future. The purpose of each community conversation is to introduce the project, share what progress has been made about the three communities, and gain input on strategies moving forward.

Interviews and Focus Groups

Interviews and Focus groups were held with leadership and key stakeholders from each borough. This group represents regulatory agencies, major land actors and owners who have interests in what goes on in any pf the BEN communities. These meetings inform the existing initiatives happening in the community and build into the greater set of shared values for all three communities. Topics discussed included parks, transportation, family and youth, businesses, economic development, social services, and housing.

Action Plan Workshops

Teams of local and regional stakeholders and content experts were once again convened to think about an action strategy that take into account the vision and values established by the community in phase one. These meetings were split over two days and two locations. Workshop participants built a shared understanding of the possibilities for community revitalization in the short- and long-term. These workshops were grouped by five action areas, including housing, economic vitality, resilient systems, lifelong learning, and main street and mobility.

Municipal Council Updates

The continued involvement of local elected officials is critical to ensure understanding and acceptance as the plan proceeds from issues, to ideas, to action. Representatives from each community in BEN share regular updates with the Council about the Comprehensive Plan process. There was also a workshop with local municipal officials to present initial real estate analysis and broker and developer interview findings, suggest potential redevelopment opportunities, prospective public/private partnerships, and possible funding structures.

Core Team Meetings

Each month members of the BEN Core Team convened to provide regular updates, allow for the sharing of information, and coordinate workflows.