BEN joint community plan

Putting the Plan into Action

Congratulations to the BEN Communities!

All three councils of Braddock, East Pittsburgh, and North Braddock adopted the BEN 2030 FUTURES plan as the guiding document for municipal development for the next 10 years. We are thrilled to see these boroughs take community input to the next level and look forward to seeing the creations that come forth!

Mission of the project

Our BEN communities will be thriving, safe, and accessible through our...

We create a sense of community through our buildings, streets, and open spaces, and they communicate our identity to others. We want vibrant and safe places for all ages where we can share ideas and resources.

To achieve a vibrant community, we collectively identify goals and ways to measure our progress. Success will be demonstrated through social, economic and environmental factors.

Communities are quilted together with many ideas, perspectives, and initiatives. We create and nurture effective partnerships that honor our origins and increase our knowledge and access to resources.


We are committed to working together to make significant and sustainable change via:

BEN will be a destination center of makers that connects residents and visitors to "home-grown" entertainment, products and services!

BEN will be stewards of the environment where all people are equally protected from health hazards and can participate in shaping our ecological future!

BEN will ensure that every citizen can live in a safe healthy and affordable home regardless of their socio-economic status through thoughtful stewardship and cultivation of our assets!

BEN will be a regional economic hub that ushers in a new era in industry and supports rich and diverse partnerships!

BEN will be a center for opportunity, innovation, and creativity at every age!


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