About the PROJECT

BEN Joint Comprehensive Plan

A Comprehensive Plan describes a community vision and the steps to make it a reality. Comprehensive Plans make recommendations that can inform land use regulations and help guide growth and development for up to a 10-year period. This three-part planning process will be the community’s opportunity to shape municipal priorities for the future.

  • Establishes a VISION and a SET OF VALUES for future growth and development.

  • Is an OFFICIAL DOCUMENT that will be adopted into law

  • Expresses and regulates PUBLIC POLICY on land use, transportation, recreation, utilities and housing.


Our BEN Communities will be thriving, safe, and accessible through our welcoming places, our strengthened municipal performance, and our diverse partnerships.


As we move into the future, it is important that our decisions and actions embody the community's priority...

...to address our needs Across Municipalities

...to advance Triple Bottom Line Manufacturing

...to cultivate Community Wealth

...to prioritize Mobility as an Economic Driver

...to support the Next Generation of Changemakers

...to protect Public and Ecological Health

...to center Equitable Redevlopment

Inform PUBLIC POLICY on land use, transIT, recreation, utilities and housing.

Is an OFFICIAL DOCUMENT that will be adopted into law

Once Adopted, the final plan will be made available here.

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